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Objectives of the

Bhaktivedanta College

The Bhaktivedanta College's unique educational program is designed to:

Objectives of modern education

Srila Prabhupada has described modern education as "the slaughter house of youth." For an eye opening look at the objectives of modern education visit The Underground History of American Education where John T. Gatto, an award winning teacher of 30 years experience, exposes the purpose of mass forced schooling and proves that Srila Prabhupada was right (again).


The Business of Schooling

Since bored people are the best consumers, school had to be a boring place, and since childish people are the easiest customers to convince, the manufacture of childishness, extended into adulthood, had to be the first priority of factory schools. Naturally, teachers and administrators weren't let in on this plan; they didn't need to be. If they didn't conform to instructions passed down from increasingly centralized school offices, they didn't last long.

In the new system, schools were gradually re-formed to meet the pressing need of big businesses to have standardized customers and employees, standardized because such people are predictable in certain crucial ways by mathematical formulae. Business (and government) can only be efficient if human beings are redesigned to meet simplified specifications. As the century wore on, school spaces themselves were opened bit by bit to commercialization.