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If you have a site that you think would be a useful resource please contact us. Put "Links" in the subject line and send us the URL in the body of the text along with a brief description. We do not automatically add links but will only do so on a case by case basis. If you find that one of our current links is dead please inform us.

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General reference links 


Electric Library

The Internet Public Library Reference Center

Encyclopedia Britannica

Library of Congress

National Geographic

Wellington Academy

Indian Temples 

Encyclopedia of Indian Temples

Indian Temple Architecture

Vrndavana-Mathura web site

Angkor Wat largest Vedic temple, situated in present day Cambodia.

Indology resources

Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies

IITS – Institute of Indology and Tamil Studies

INDOLOGY: Internet Resources for Indological Scholarship

Mandala of Indic Traditions: good resource for critiques of the European, ethnocentric, anti-Vedic, Indological tradition.

Indus Script: a controversial site.

Jyotish related links

Dimension 4 (Time Lords) this program can be used to update your computer clock time via an atomic clock, you can then use it for setting your watch. Accurate time is essential for Jyotish.

Time Service Department U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, DC

Sky & Telescope

Yahoo's Astronomy Links

Resource of Academic Papers and Books relating to astrology

Yantar Mantar we do not agree with some quotes on this site related to astronomy by an early English author.

Star Date

Download the Vaisnava Calendar

Sanskrit related links 

Monier Monier Williams Sanskrit Dictionary, this site offers a download of the dictionary. It runs on Windows machines.

Web of Online Dictionaries including Sanskrit

Sanskrit Documents and Resources  

The Online Sanskrit Dictionary

Sir Monier-Monier Williams Skt-Eng dictionary (as a word search device)

Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Gérard Huet's Indology Page (Sanskrit – French dictionary / Sanskrit Lexicography):

Apte Sanskrit Dictionary Search


Free Sanskrit Fonts

Texts in devanagarii script

The IITS-Font is a True Type Font which is used in IITS to transliterate :
Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Urdu, Dravidian Languages (literary and non-literary).

Vedic Sampradayas

Gaudiya (Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya Sampradaya)

Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu the Kali-yuga avatara, the most recent avatara of Lord Krsna. Image copyright: The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust--www.Krishna.com

Bhaktivedanta Archives

Diary of a Travelling Preacher Indradyumna Swami's official web site, very inspirational.


Dharma-patnis This site is for women dedicated to following Vedic Dharma.


Hare Krsna Rural Life is dedicated to establishing self-sufficient farm communities.

India Divine


Saligrama Sila site for Silas and Their sevakas

Sridham Mayapura

Link to Gaudiya Vaisnava texts held at a Russian University

Vedic view on controversial issues.

Vedic knowledge online

Madhva (Brahma Sampradaya)

Sripad Madhvacarya Anandatirtha

Dwaita Home Page

Udupi Sri Krishna

Visva Madhva Sangha

Tattvavada bimonthly magazine

Nimbarka (Kumara Sampradaya)

Please send us links for this sampradaya

Sri Vaisnava (Sri Sampradaya)

Sripada Ramanujacarya from his samdhi in Srirangam.

Sri Vaisnava Home Page

Another Sri Vaisnava Home Page

Radio Ramanuja

Vallabha (Rudra Sampradaya)

Sripada Vallabhacarya

Kripanidhi many links to pustimarga sites.



Sri Balakrsnah Prabhur Vijayatetaram


The Ancient World

Avesta – Zoroastrian Archives

Altavista Translator

Babylon Translator

Forbidden Archeology web site for ground breaking book. Presents significant evidence substantiating the Vedic claims of human presence on earth for much greater spans of time than modern science has previously thought.

Indian Embassy, Washington DC. A wealth of official government of India information and links.

Mysteries of the Ancient Cultures

The Paper Boy: links to over 5000 newspapers including all major newspapers in the Indian subcontinent.

Library of Congress Vatican Exhibit

Project Gutenberg: over 1000 free public domain ebooks for downloading

South Asian Analysis Group