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Objectives of the

School of Jyotish

The Bhaktivedanta College School of Jyotish’s unique educational program is designed to:

  • Training: rigorous academic training in the best and most effective methods of traditional Vedic astrology without recourse to incompatible methods of Western astrology, Tajika (Arabic/Persian) astrology or other systems.

  • Education: Aside from training in specific astrological techniques of calculation and prediction, the student is also educated in the special spiritual, philosophical, historical and cultural issues pertaining to Jyotish.

  • Ethics: A code of ethics to be published and widely known by which our students must adhere to.

Existence in the ephemeral material world is an endless cycle of repeated birth and death in various species of life. Jyotish can help in our spiritual journey and aid us to escape from the material world of death.  Image opyright: The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust -- www.Krishna.com