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Admission for

School of Jyotish

This specialized school is very selective. Only students with a mentality suited to the schools curriculum are admitted. (In the present Pilot Program phase we are only accepting male students above the age of 16 but later it is envisaged that younger students may join because ideally training in jyotish begins at about 10 -12 years and is completed at about 18-20 years. ) Parents and students should not be discouraged if their application is refused.

[Please note the Bhaktivedanta College is not an internet school offering correspondence courses. All teaching is in-person at selected venues.]

Applications from students who meet the following requirements will be considered:

Vetted applications are then interviewed over the phone and finally there is a personal evaluation.


Applicants for the School of Jyotish are evaluated by an extensive Trial Period.

Qualifications of Perspective Students

Special attention will be paid to the students performance in the following areas:

If the student appears to naturally imbibe the above qualities, or the teachers are confident that the potential qualities can be developed quite rapidly, then the student will be invited to continue to attend the school.

After six months when it is observed that the proper qualities and potential is there in their nature the student is then accepted as a member of the School of Jyotish.

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