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Jyotish Publication Standards

The Bhaktivedanta College School of Jyotish online Vedic astrology journal is dedicated to publishing scholarly articles on traditional Vedic astrology. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

We understand that in the world of Vedic astrology there are many standards and conventions used. It is not our intention to impose a given standard or convention on anyone. Being independent living entities everyone is free to follow their own desire. But, for the sake of communication---so that we are all talking the "same language"--- and to avoid confusion, especially for beginning students; all articles submitted should follow the BVC School of Jyotish standards and conventions, which are as follows:

  • Chart diagrams will be in the South Indian format.
  • Lahiri ayanamsa.
  • Mahadashas use 365 day year.
  • Bhava = Rasi as defined by Varaha Mihira in Brihat Jataka 1.4. This excludes what goes by the name of Vedic equal house system, Sripati house system, and other unequal house systems.
  • If you have any questions please contact the editor, put "Editor – Jyotish Articles" in the subject line.