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School of Jyotish

Masters Degree Program

Jyotish Siromani

This program is a continuation of the Jyotish Vidvan program. The Jyotish Siromani program will emphasize Vedic Astrology courses as well as Jyotish projects. Special meditation methods will be taught to increase intuition and ability to predict. As with the undergraduate program the education requirements include supplemental readings in Vedic literature and practicum. The purpose of the program is to greatly enhance the knowledge and abilities of students practicing Vedic Astrology.

Prerequisite: the student must have completed his Jyotish Vidvan degree.

Degree requirements for Jyotish Siromani:

The student must master the core Jyotish curriculum along with other education requirements and have the required sadhana to receive this title. This level must be achieved prior to entrance into the Jyotish Sarasvati program.