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School of Jyotish

Bachelors Degree Program

Jyotish Vidvan

To be considered a candidate for the Jyotish Vidvan degree the student must also meet the education requirements of the Bhaktivedanta College. In general this requires that the student do a lot of supplemental reading in Vedic literature and pass the practicum. This is the traditional method of studying Vedic astrology. It is necessary that the student be broadly educated in Vedic culture because Vedic Astrology does not exist in a vacuum. Without training in philosophy, spiritual practice, meditation, etc., the student will never develop the powers (vak-siddhi) necessary to make accurate predictions or be able to fulfill the objectives of the school.

Degree requirements for Jyotish Vidvan:

The student must master the core Jyotish curriculum along with other education requirements and have the required sadhana to receive this title. This level must be achieved prior to entrance into the Jyotish Siromani program.