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Propaedeutics (56k)


Gesund und vital mit Ayurveda (18k)

Rasayana, der Jungbrunnen der Ayurveda (28k)


Jyotish articles are divided into two categories: formal and informal. Formal articles are more rigorous presentations intended for publication. Informal articles are derived from an online symposium conducted since 1993 and generally consist of interesting and educational discussion "threads" that have been edited for easier reading. For information about having your articles published please consult the Jyotish publication standards.

Jyotish Formal


Astamangala Deva Prasna (66k)

Channeling: Extrasensory Deception (46k)

The Fallacy of the trans-Saturnian Planets (74k)

Hora, the least Understood Divisional chart. And, Nadi Jyotish (43k)

How Long is the Year in Vimshottari Dasa (67k)

Nakshatra Pada effects (33k)

The Song of the Avanti Brahmana (155k)

Vedic Cosmography and Astronomy (133k)

What is Vedic Astrology? (177k)


Sto je vedska astrologija? (158k)


Ashtamangala Deva Prasna

La tromperie de l'utilisation des planets trans-Saturniennes (68k)

Qu'est ce que l'Astrolgie Vedique? (131k)


Ashtamangala Deva Prasna (65k)

Wie lang ist das Jahr im Vimsottari Mahadasa? (106k)

Was ist wahr an den transsaturnischen Planeten? (88k)

Die Vedische Astrologie und ihre Praxis (178k)

Channelling (152k)

Schicksal, freier Wille und das Gesetz des Karma (135k)

Vorzeichen und Omen (80k)

Jyotish: Die Wissenschaft der Zeit (150k)


Ведическая астрология и транс Сатурновые планеты(139k)

Приметы (44k)


Jyotish Informal

Al-Biruni and Mahmood of Ghazni (15k)

Black Magic in Canada (13)

Christian Pagan Nexus (22k)

A Discussion on Gems (32k)

Fate, Freewill and the Law of Karma (62k)

Is Vedic Astrology Mechanistic? (35k)

Jyotish: The Science of Time (59k)

Life of Govinda Bhattatiri (34k)

Muhurta Discussion and the Effects of Sneezing (54k)

Mundane Astrology (23k)

Nakshatra Devatas (30k)

Nakshatra Names in Tamil (21k)

Omens (29k)

Omens Discussion (34k)

Parivraja Yoga (113k)

Prarabdha Karma (40k)

Twins (47k)

Vedic Calendar Discussion (41k)

Vedic Clocks (21k)

What is a Sattvika Purana? (31k)



Classical Indian Temple Dance (81k)

Jethro, the Druze and Vedic Origins (23k)

Puranic Time and the Archeological Record (117k)

The Vedic Personality Inventory (60k)


Puranic Time and the Archeological Record (241k)

In anger Durvasa Muni curses Ambarisa Maharaja to die. Image copyright: Srimad Bhagavatam 9.4. The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust -- www.Krishna.com

Ambarisa Maharaja forgives Durvasa Muni whose life is then spared by the Sudarsana Cakra. Srimad Bhagavatm 9.5 Image copyright: The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust -- www.Krishna.com