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School of Jyotish

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Narada Muni states:

"The excellent science of astronomy-astrology comprising of Siddhanta, Samhita and Hora as its three branches, is the clear 'eye' of the Vedas". Narada Samhita1.4

The Bhaktivedanta College School of Jyotish is pursuing a renaissance of the Vedic science of Jyotish presenting it in the traditional Vedic manner. This science of Jyotish was and is still practiced as a vocation by the Brahmanas (Vedic priests) who use it in spiritual and material counseling.

We are beginning with a Pilot program to test and refine the curriculum. Hence at first we will only be accepting a few students of exceptional qualities who are flexible and able to adjust to an evolving situation.

Since the Bhaktivedanta College is teaching in a traditional Vedic way we will not be charging any tuition, however students will be expected to perform whatever services are asked of them for maintaining the ashrama.

As students graduate up through the different levels we will develop and introduce new courses that illuminate this science from different angles. The aim is that on completion the student will be a scholar having attained the degree of Jyotish Vidvan (equivalent of Bachelors). We also have postgraduate programs offering higher degrees, that is, Jyotish Siromani (Masters) and Jyotish Sarasvati (Doctorate).

Vedic Astrology is a fascinating subject and is considered the most complex of all material sciences. At the undergraduate level no former knowledge of the science is presumed, but it is expected that the student be an initiated Brahmana or a candidate for Brahminical initiation, is intelligent, serious, and motivated. For more information see our admissions policy.

Degree programs in Vedic Astrology are designed for serious students of Vedic religion and philosophy. It is geared toward Brahmanas seeking to enhance their knowledge of Vedic culture and science and who want to add this modality to their preaching ministry.

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